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Hire a Professional DJ for Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, chances are you are either on the hunt for a great DJ or you are thinking about having a friend or family member take care of the music for the evening. One important thing to remember is that a playlist doesn’t have the personality that a professional DJ comes with, and having a DJ can either make or break your wedding. Here is how to avoid potential disaster when it comes to hiring someone instead of putting your Uncle or an iPod in charge.

Professional DJs Understand the Flow of a Wedding

If your DJ is a seasoned professional, this will not be his or her first wedding reception. If you want to walk in to the reception to a certain song right after the DJ or Master of Ceremonies introduces you, you’ll find that everything flows well and doesn’t start or cut abruptly. They will likely provide you with a list as a part of your contract where you can write down what is happening when, along with any corresponding music.

Professional DJs Come with a Contract

Contracts are an important part of any wedding vendor, and it ensures that both parties understand exactly what they are providing, and being provided with. This will protect both parties in case something goes wrong. All professional DJ’s will provide you with a contract to read over and sign and they will answer any questions you may have before signing it.

DJs Come Prepared

Unlike a photographer, who can take a photo over again if needed, a DJ doesn’t get a second chance. They must be prepared for everything from equipment failure to a mic not working. Hobby DJ’s may not have the same top quality equipment that professionals have, and the family member you may be thinking of hiring may not know how to fix electrical issues if something goes wrong.

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