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Knowing how to choose an Event DJ can help set the tone for your corporate or private event, so it’s important to hire the best one you can find. Music can make or break whether guests will be dancing, having a good time or sitting down, counting the minutes until they can leave. When selecting the best DJ for your event, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

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How to Choose an Event DJ

How to Choose an Event DJ

Set the tone – There are a variety of DJ services available out there and it’s important for you to choose one that matches your needs as best as possible. Decide what kind of music you want to play at your reception – do you want guests to rock out to the Hot 100 tracks or dance their hearts out to swing music? Once you choose the vibe you want to set, then you can choose a DJ who specializes in the music you’re looking for.

Check reviews – With so many DJ services available out there, it can be hard to choose which DJ will be best for you. A great place to start is on the internet. Look into reviews for DJs on event planning websites such as Wedding Wire and Yelp. DJs who are primarily event DJs will list their services here and ask their clients to review their experience after the event. DJs also tend to get reviews on Yelp and other online review pages, especially if they do events other than just corporate events and private events. Do a Google search of your DJ before booking them, the more experience they have, the more reviews and comments you’ll be able to find.

Ask for recommendations – Ask your DJ if they have any past clients you can call for a review. Online reviews are very helpful, but so is being able to get specific details from someone who has used this DJ. Great questions to ask include – What was the best part of having this DJ at your event? What is one thing you would ask him or her to do differently? How did your guests react to the music?

Get examples – A great DJ will have a portfolio they can provide you whether it be typical playlists, video footage of them in action, and/or their go-to methods for certain situations (i.e. people not getting on the dance floor). These are all great examples to ask for when interviewing your DJ. Be wary of DJs who invite you to see them in action, especially if it means inviting you to see them at an event. If they are willing to make you an unwanted guest at another event, this means they might be willing to do the same to you.

DJ Guide

DJ Guide

After doing your research, choose the DJ who fits as many of your requirements as possible. Never feel obligated to go with the first person you interview. Your DJ will play a big part in setting the tone for your event, so don’t be afraid to do thorough research before making a decision.

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