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While all of the vendors and services that you choose for your wedding are important, the DJ is the one person who will have the biggest impact on your reception. The right DJ can keep the party moving, while the wrong one can leave your dance floor empty and guests heading for the doors long before the night is through. Asking these questions when you’re interviewing DJs will help you separate the best ones from the ones you shouldn’t consider.

Questions to ask a Wedding DJ

Before you hire them!

The 18 Most Important Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

The 18 Most Important Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

1. Are you available for my wedding date and how far in advance do we need to confirm to make sure we can hire you? How many weddings and events do you schedule in a single weekend or will ours be the only one?

2. How long have you been a DJ? Have you ever worked an event at my venue before? Can you provide me with references from other brides?

3. Why should I hire you? What makes you different than the other DJs in town?

4. What is the cost of your services? What exactly do I get for that price? If my event runs long, is there an overtime charge?

5. Do you bring along props? Lighting? Any other special effects?

6. What kind of music do you typically pay throughout the night? Can guests make requests? If so, how? How many songs do you have in your library?

7. Can we provide you with a playlist? Can we have a do-not play list? Do you have music for line dances, group dances and events like the bouquet toss and garter toss?

8. Could I see a video of you at another wedding?

9. Will you be the DJ who arrives on the day of my wedding? If you are unable to attend because of a personal emergency or illness, do you have a backup?

10. What is your cancellation policy if for some reason my wedding needs to be canceled or rescheduled?

11. How much time will be required for you to set up before the event and clean up after it?

12. What is your payment policy? What is the down payment? What is the payment breakdown for the rest of the money owed?

13. Will you be coming to the event with any assistants or crew? Do you require a meal at the reception?

14. Will you have any backup or emergency equipment with you in case of technical malfunction?

15. Do you provide emcee services in addition to DJ services? How would you describe your personality and persona when you’re acting as the master of ceremonies?

16. What do you do to encourage people to dance?

17. What will you wear on the night of the event? Will you take any breaks during the night? If so, when? Do you smoke or drink during the entertainment?

18. How can we contact you with questions or requests between now and the day of the wedding?

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There may be other important questions to ask a Wedding DJ too, don’t be bashful about asking prospective DJs these and any other questions. A professional should be patient and willing to fully answer your questions.

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